MOPS Promotional Materials for Be You, Bravely Theme (2014-2015)

I recently joined the steering committee for my local MOPS group, Sarver MOPS.  My title within the committee is officially the Special Events Coordinator but I identify myself as the Creative Activities Leader MOPS International leader definition.  And because we don’t have a publicity person, I (with the creative gene) have been making most of our promotional materials.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not a graphic designer.  I don’t know how to use fancy software (and it intimidates me — I used Gimp a few times and it generally causes anxiety and frustration).  That being said, I LOVE designing things with PicMonkey*.

If you haven’t read any of my other PicMonkey* posts, I love, love, LOVE, PicMonkey*.  It’s free online photo editing software, and super user friendly.  You can also do some super easy graphic designs (keep reading!).

The MOPS International Website has a great ideas section where leaders share their ideas and resources.  There, I found amazing designs from the MOPS at CCBC group of Puyallup, WA (isn’t their Website awesome!).  It seems everyone is taking their design lead (and borrowing their designs and graphics!).  Well, I have to say, I’m no different.

Small handouts

Take a look at the small 3×4 cards I made (using the MOPS CCBC design as a guide).

Sarver MOPS Be You, Bravely

Sarver MOPS Be You, Bravely

These are designed as small handouts to pass out to potential moms.

Like my design?  You’re welcome to use it for your local MOPS group!  Here are the blank templates.  Click on them (to make them larger), then right click and save.  Open in PicMonkey* and add your own info.

Sarver MOPS promotional card -- Be You, Bravely
(front blank)
Sarver MOPS promotional card -- Be You, Bravely
(back blank)


Welcome signs

I also made some Welcome signs to hang up at the church for the meetings.  (Click images to make larger).


Sarver MOPS -- Be You, Bravely

Sarver MOPS -- Be You, Bravely


Name tags

Name tags also fell under my jurisdiction. I thought about doing something crafty, but conference-like name tags just seemed more appropriate and practical. I bought Avery Top-Loading Hanging Name Badges* and made name badges to go in them.  Again, I liked the MOPS CCBC design, but it wasn’t the right size.  My design is very similar to theirs, but the appropriate size.

Here’s the general blank name tag:

Sarver MOPS name tag -- Be You, Bravely

Members wrote out their own names and checked the appropriate lines under my children with a sharpie. I printed steerings name tags out at home.  Here’s what mine looked like:

my nametag

Notice on mine, I denoted Steering at the top.  I also made ones for childcare workers, volunteers, and mentor moms.  Instead of prego, these ones say grand babies.

 Sarver MOPS name tags -- Be you, Bravely

Sarver MOPS name tags -- Be you, Bravely

Sarver MOPS name tags -- Be you, Bravely

Again, you’re welcome to use any of these for your MOPS group!  Click on the image, then right click to save.

I’m so excited for this year’s theme, Be You, Bravely.  If you live in the area and you’re a mom of a 0-5 year old, please join us!  Click here for more info.

No need to recreate the wheel, feel free to use my designs (even though they’re semi-copied).  If you need them to be slightly a different size, or you just want to start over, I encourage you to check out PicMonkey*.  Even if you’re not super creative, I’m sure you can come up with something cute!

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8 thoughts on “MOPS Promotional Materials for Be You, Bravely Theme (2014-2015)

  1. How am I able to edit the printouts in picmonkey? It won’t let me delete or overwrite over the info. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jen! You can’t edit the printouts in picmonkey because they are image files. I provided the “blank” templates so you can fill in your information from what I have created. The only other thing I can think to suggest to you is if you want something cut out, “white it out” with an overlay (i.e. a white rectangle that covers it). I hope that helps! Good luck!

  2. Hi Besty, I am from MOPS at CCBC and am so glad that you were inspired by my designs, you are very talented and have came up with something beautiful! I’ve been trying to come up with some designs for this years theme A Fierce Flourishing, I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with!

    1. Thank you Crystal! I love your designs! Please share what you come up with! Our goal is to have some promotional materials for next year soon, so stay tuned.

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