Pumpkin Bow Headband Knit Pattern

As promised, here’s the pattern I used to create this adorable knit pumpkin bow headband. The base pattern I used is from Blue Sky Alpacas.  You can find the pattern here (Miss Savannah Bow).  I love Blue Sky Alpaca yarn, and they have some pretty awesome free patterns on their site.  Definitely worth checking out. The… Continue reading Pumpkin Bow Headband Knit Pattern

Toddler Pumpkin Bow Headband

I love fall.  There I said it.  As cliché as it is, it’s always been my favorite season.  I’ve been knitting pumpkin hats for my son since I learned how to knit.  Luckily this year, his hat from last year still fits.  But my new daughter needs one.  I have not touched my knitting stuff… Continue reading Toddler Pumpkin Bow Headband