Birth Announcement

I’ve been sharing a selection from my DIY newborn photo shoot and some tips from the shoot.  Today, I’m sharing my birth announcement design.  Check out my work:   What do you think? Stay tuned in the coming days for how I created the announcements, some tips in doing your own, and where I printed them.… Continue reading Birth Announcement

DIY Easy Gender Reveal: It’s a…

I had my “gender revealing” ultrasound at 20 weeks.  We are of the folk that find out the baby’s sex.  Waiting that long to know is plenty long and surprise enough for us.  I toyed with a few different ideas of how to tell our family and friends, and the most fun to tell, my… Continue reading DIY Easy Gender Reveal: It’s a…

My family is expanding!

Whether or not you’ve noticed, blog posts (and for that matter, new listings in the Lace and Yarn Etsy shop) have been quite lacking in the past few months, and I’m finally ready to share with you the reason — my family is expanding!  I’m actually currently expanding, straight out at the belly button!  In… Continue reading My family is expanding!

Easy Mother’s Day Gift — Yes, There’s Still Time!

It’s the evening before Mother’s Day… already!  This is one of those holidays that tends to sneak up on us every year.  Why?  I’m not so sure, but Lace and Yarn is here to help!  I’ve made 4 printables for you to choose from to make some awesome art for your mom.  This is so… Continue reading Easy Mother’s Day Gift — Yes, There’s Still Time!

Cinco de Mayo Thank You Note SALE!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Lace and Yarn is having a thank you note sale, today only.  40% off thank you notes.  (Prices as marked, no coupon code needed). Have an extra margarita and stock up on these cute thank you notes! Lace and Yarn Shop

Is Mother’s Day a Real Holiday?

Guess what, if your mom thinks Mother’s day is a real holiday, then it is!  Now, stop making excuses, and get – or better yet, make – something for your mother!  Oh, and call her, she misses you. Need some ideas?  Lace and Yarn is here to help!  Check out the Lace and Yarn shop… Continue reading Is Mother’s Day a Real Holiday?