Advice for the Love Birds — A Bridal Shower Printable

A Free Bridal Shower Printable Game -- laceandyarn.comPeople tend to have strong feelings about bridal shower games, you either love ’em or hate ’em.  I am on the love ’em side, but when I was throwing a small surprise bridal shower recently, I knew I didn’t want to go over the top for several reasons.  First, this was a super small shower.  Like, seven people small.  We all fit around my dining room table with room to spare.  Second, we’ve all been friends since middle school.  It’s not like we needed an ice breaker or something to fill the lull in the conversation.  Also, the bride wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of a shower in the first place, so I didn’t want to overwhelm her with games!

This isn’t even much of a game per se.  More of everyone give advice in a fun format, with the chance to be silly (or not).  It’s also nice because it makes a nice memento for the bride.


I passed one out to everyone and we had a few minutes to write down advice on each line that started with each letter in the word LOVE (V can be hard!).  Once everyone was finished, we passed the around so everyone had someone else’s, we read then aloud, and we made the bride guess who she thought wrote what.

Advice for the Love Birds Printable--

The bride guessed a few correctly, and a good time was had by all!

Advice for the Love Birds Printable--

Apparently my writing is hard to read…

I’ve made the template available for you!

I created this template using PicMonkey* and with beautiful watercolor clip art from Create the Cut.

Advice for the Love Birds --

You can choose to use as is, or you can add your own personalization, and print.  To download the image, click on the image, then right click and “save as.”  I printed them out four per page, which gave me my desired size, on cardstock.

Adding personalization is easier than than you think using PicMonkey*.  I made a tutorial breaking it down for you.

Also, you’ll notice in the above photo I didn’t do a great job in cutting mine out.  I highly suggest using some type of paper cutter*.  I couldn’t find mine the day of the shower, so regular scissors it was…

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3 thoughts on “Advice for the Love Birds — A Bridal Shower Printable

  1. Update on the paper cutter thing: I found it. It was in the stairwell leading from the guest bedroom to the attic. Obviously.

    Also, I too have used it and have managed not to injure myself with it, which proves that they are safer than potato peelers (at least to me).

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