DIY Bird Garland

DIY Bird Garland --

Garland adds a certain whimsy to any party, or for that matter, any room.  I love this small threaded bird garland because it adds vertical interest without completely breaking up the space.  I hung these from my dining room chandelier and they hung down right over top of our centerpiece to add height to the centerpiece without obstructing your view to the other side of the table.  A Surprise Yellow and Pink Love Birds Bridal Shower -- laceandyarn.comThis party was a small pink and yellow bird themed bridal shower.  Check out the whole party.

The best part about this DIY garland is that it is so easy!  And can be made from ANY SHAPE that fits your party theme or room decor! If you can thread a needle, you can make this garland.

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Vertical Hanging Bird Garland --

  • Card stock — in the color of your choosing.  I used a pastel pink and yellow from a pastel cardstock set*.
  • Bird punch — I used a Fiskars bird squeeze punch.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe they sell this one anymore, but Fiskars does make some other super cute ones.  Check out some different options here*. The one I have is one inch across.  I love the Fiskars squeeze design because it’s easy on the hands!
  • Needles — Whatever sewing needles you have.
  • Thread — Anything you have laying around will work, I chose a lighter color that will not stand out.

Make it!

Measure out about how long you want the garland to hang down with the thread, double it, and thread the needle.  Then knot the thread and go through one of my birds like so:

DIY Hanging Bird Garland -- laceandyarn.comNext, pull the first bird to the end of the thread and pull the needle through the knot so the bird sticks there at the end.  Then, keep threading on the birds! Space them out as you like…

DIY Hanging Bird Garland -- laceandyarn.comHang, and enjoy!

The garland looks great in photos:

A Surprise Yellow and Pink Love Birds Bridal Shower --

Easy quick, easy project with big impact!

Happy creating!

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