Pumpkin Hat Pattern

Pumpkin Hat Knit Pattern -- laceandyarn.com

Fall is here!  Everything is flavored with pumpkin, why not your little ones, too?  Get your little ones excited for fall in no time with this quick knit.


Yarn — Malabrigo Rasta Sunset 96 and any a small amount of brown super chunky yarn (I used a thick and thin that I had some leftovers laying around)
Needles — US 15
Other tools — darning needle for weaving in ends, stitch marker
Gauge — 2 stitches = 1”
Skills used — knitting in the round, knit, purl, decreases
Size — 0-6 months {6-12 months, 1-2 years, 3-4 years}

Abbreviation Key

CO — Cast on
k — knit
p — purl
k2tog — knit 2 stitches together


CO 24 {28, 32, 36}

Join and knit in the round working 2×2 ribbing (k2, p2 around) for about 1-1 ½”, or about 5-6 rows — NOTE: I tend to do about 1” for the smaller hats and about 1 ½” for the larger sizes


Work stockinette stitch (k all) until hat measures about 4” {4 ¼” , 4 ½”, 5”}


row 1 — (k4, k2tog) around {(k5, k2tog) around, (k6, k2tog) around, (k7, k2tog) around}
row 2 — k3, k2tog) around {(k4, k2tog) around, (k5, k2tog) around, (k6, k2tog) around}
row 3 — (k2, k2tog) around {(k3, k2tog) around, (k4, k2tog) around, (k5, k2tog) around}
rows 4-…continue decreasing this way each round until about 16 stitches (for a smaller stem) or 20 stitches (for a larger stem) remain

SWITCH to the brown yarn

Continue decreasing this way until 8 (for a thinner stem)-10 stitches remain

Knit 3 rows (with no decreases) NOTE: If you’d like a longer stem, knit a few more rows to the desired length.  You can also gradually make the stem tilt to one side by k2tog at the same spot of each row for a few of your straight k rows.

k2tog until 5-6 stitches remain


Break yarn, leaving a tail.  Use darning needle to draw through remaining loops twice and weave in ends.

Pumpkin Hat Knit Pattern by laceandyarn.com

Happy Pumpkin Knitting!!

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As a reminder about my patterns:

Want to make this hat to sell it?  Awesome! I’m okay. with that.  As long as you credit the pattern back to me.  Here’s how you can do that:

  • If you sell online, please include the following (or something similar) in your listing: “Original pattern by Lace and Yarn by Betsy Busch available at laceandyarn.com.”

Please do not distribute or sell the pattern, but feel free to link here.  Thank you!

Pumpkin Hat Knit Pattern -- laceandyarn.com


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