Knitting and Crochet Blog Week IV Day Three: Infographic

Today’s goal is to make an infographic.  I choose to make one with completely made up information and numbers.  Enjoy.

First off, let’s define the groups (that I made up):



I know you already have this image in your head.  Do I have to explain this one?


hipster knitting
Image from The Washington Post

You’ve seen them around.  Maybe you’re one of them! They tend to knit everywhere.  On public transportation, in class, in the coffee shop, in the bar — and anywhere else you find hipsters.  You see and think, dang, that person is way cooler than me.  They’ll tell you they liked knitting before it was cool.


finger knitting
Image from Pretty Ditty. Actually a great finger knitting tutorial!

For some teenagers, knitting is cool…for about 5 minutes.  Adults who work with teens get teenagers into “cool” knitting (like finger knitting pictured here) to keep them out of trouble.  If you’ve ever been around a teen (or remember being there yourself), there is never anything to do!  Knitting will keep ’em out of trouble!

Empty Nesters

Check out Empty Nest Knits on Facebook

Possibly a recent empty nesters, possibly just finding a new hobby, lots of empty nesters find solace in knitting (and lots of grown children get lots of knit gifts they may never wear, in spite of how awesome they are).  Empty Nesters are awesome knitting bloggers, too.  Do a web search, you’ll find ’em!  They’ve got the time, and have made some great patterns and tutorials!  I credit some awesome empty nesters for helping me learn to knit (via YouTube).

New Moms

mom knitting
Image credit — A Good Yarn.

I love this image, but this is NOT what it is like.  If that is what your life looks like, I’m jealous *correction* very jealous of you.  This is me.  I taught myself to knit via YouTube videos to give me something productive to do when we had sleep trouble last year, and I was spending lots of time sitting with my baby while he screamed/did anything and everything to avoid sleep.  Other “new moms” start knitting to make stuff for their little ones when they’re pregnant and/or on bedrest.  Whatever their reason, I applaud the new mom for finding time for herself and to express some creativity!

And now for the fictitious info.

Who Knits

What knit groups make up what percentage of knit goods by year.**






**All of this information is fictitious.

(So, I originally created this infographic with —you can see it here— but, I had problems putting it in my blog!  After long talks about migrating my blog to my own server, I took some screen shots and am calling it a day.  Migrating the whole blog will probably come sooner than later, just not right now!)

What knit group do you fall into?  Is there another I missed?  Do share!

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7 thoughts on “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week IV Day Three: Infographic

  1. I love this!! I’m an empty nester now, but was knitting crazy before’s a great stress reliever. I would a “workaholics” to the pie because I think many of us overachievers like to work on things while we are de-stressing.

    1. hahaha. Well, does it count that I’m excited to be part of that category one day? I can’t wait to sit in my rocking chair knitting all day. Front porch during the day, in front of the fire in the evening. It’s already all planned out…

  2. I don’t fall into a category either. I went with Married but Childless with “too much” Free Time. It seems that way from the comments I get anyway. Great graphics, I think the culture has changed a little bit. Younger people are getting into knitting and crocheting now, which is great!

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