DIY Birth Announcement: Printed by Ink Garden

ink garden birth announcement lace and yarn

I’ve been sharing how I came up with my daughter’s birth announcement from photos, to designing it on PicMonkey, and now the printing.

Ink Garden is a relatively new printing site to me, and there’s no hiding it, this post is a rave.  I had a wonderful experience using Ink Garden for my DIY Birth Announcement.

I found Ink Garden during a Google search after becoming frustrated with the printing sites I normally use.  I simply did not want to advertise for a company or have a line on the back of my announcements saying “design by xxx”  when the design was not by xxx, but by me (xxx meaning any printing company that always puts their name on products they print, even if they did not design it)!  Ink Garden, to my delight, printed my item free of advertising and did not attempt to take credit for my design.

Also, the price was fabulous.  Seriously, reasonably priced.  I was so happy to find this site and the price made it worth it to me to take a risk on a new product.

Lucky for you, you can get an even better price. Ink garden has shared a special discount for Lace and Yarn readers, get 50% Off Baby Announcements!* Personalize any of the pre-made designs or create your own from scratch. Use code: BABY50 at check out. Postage and Handling not included. 1 use per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

When I did my ordering, I ordered a few extra, just to have.  I figured a nice thing to keep with Louise’s “keepsakes” (maybe just my hoarder tendencies).

I was pleasantly surprised when I received the announcements.  The quality was better than expected.  Double sided printing was included with the announcements, and both in color!

I do have to say that I was a little anxious after I placed my order and did not receive an e-mail confirmation.  I could see my order information on their Website, but getting an e-mail is very much the norm.  I was a little worried I would never receive my order, or that I was scammed (always a fear of mine in ordering from a new online store).  I was already looking into other possible places to print my announcement when I was pleasantly surprised by my announcement delivery and quality.  So at time of purchase, I would say their communication about orders was not quite up to par, but for the price and quality, totally worth it!

Overall, if you’re going to DIY an announcement, invite, or card, I highly recommend Ink Garden!


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