Confessions of a Librarian: I Cut Books

When you’re a librarian, or even just someone trained as a librarian, books are a sacred thing.  They are not to be walked or stepped on (I have a toddler and I say this at least 5 times daily), they are not to be smashed in lockers (I used to be a high school librarian…enough said), pages should not be folded down or “dog eared” (why do people think that’s a good idea?), and absolutely should they never be cut up!  As a librarian, my goal was to keep books together!  I even took a seminar on how to properly repair books and I have to admit, I loved when I had to go in the back room and get out my book repair bin (yes, these were the things that gave me a thrill as a librarian).  Well, I found some   lovely mid-century modern books (Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery) while out vintage shopping.  I was debating what should happen to them and I just decided to go for it.

cookbook illustrations I mean, come on.  Look at these gorgeous illustrations!  These cookbooks were begging to be cut up.

cut up cookbookAnd think of the possibilities with these pages!  I get excited just looking at them.

What will I do with them?  I plan for some of the illustrations to be framed and put up either in my kitchen or dining room (or both!).  I’m hoping to sell some of the others in Lace and Yarn’s etsy shop.  And for the tons of text pages?  I’m thinking confetti.  Like these and these.

Other suggestions? What would you do with these lovely illustrations and pages?  And the book covers?

Oh, and please, do not do this to library books!

One thought on “Confessions of a Librarian: I Cut Books

  1. The illustrations are beautiful! I have to admit that I cut up a book last month… the flower illustrations were just so lovely! The book wasn’t rare, and the pages weren’t great quality, but I still felt guilty! I’ve made a few things with some pages, sold some on Etsy, and plan on framing a few of the others for my bedroom. Sometimes it’s the right call!

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