Confessions of a Librarian: I Cut Books

When you’re a librarian, or even just someone trained as a librarian, books are a sacred thing.  They are not to be walked or stepped on (I have a toddler and I say this at least 5 times daily), they are not to be smashed in lockers (I used to be a high school librarian…enough said), pages should not be folded down or “dog eared” (why do people think that’s a good idea?), and absolutely should they never be cut up!  As a librarian, my goal was to keep books together!  I even took a seminar on how to properly repair books and I have to admit, I loved when I had to go in the back room and get out my book repair bin (yes, these were the things that gave me a thrill as a librarian).  Well, I found some   lovely mid-century modern books (Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery) while out vintage shopping.  I was debating what should happen to them and I just decided to go for it.

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