A New Use for Yarn Poms

Introducing Lace and Yarn’s newest endeavor, jewelry making!

A new project!  I haven’t made jewelry since I was a teenager, but man, was it great back then!  Especially in my preteen days where my friends and I would take string everywhere to make bracelets and necklaces.  Remember those friendship bracelets that were so cool in the 90s?  Okay, maybe it was just dorky little me, but I loved it!  Everyone got a friendship bracelet from me.  Well, grown up me has outgrown friendship bracelets, and has moved onto prettier things.

Behold, Lace and Yarn’s yarn pom necklaces!
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Messiness Equals Craftiness

With my baby boy no longer a baby anymore, I was enjoying “free time,” as he likes playing by himself sometimes.  Well, that was before it got super nice and warm outside.  Now that we’re going outside to play quite often, I’m finding less time to make things and to blog!  This is creating a lot of unfinished projects.  And my poor dining room carries the mess of it all.

being a crafty mom

You’ll see several unfinished projects laying around here, and some of my vintage items (both currently listed and unlisted in my shop).  Take your guess as to what projects you see! Continue reading →