A Fierce Flourishing 10 month Calendar (free printable!)

Free Printable 10 Month Calendar | laceandyarn.com

I love calendars.  I love spending time sitting down, looking over, and writing events on calendars. In fact, sometimes I spend too much time writing out things on calendars.  I can’t help it, I just love it!

We had our MOPS steering retreat last weekend, and as part of my planning for the retreat, I made everyone on the steering team a binder.  And what’s an organizational binder without a calendar?  So, of course, I made one.  My calendar uses the graphics provided by MOPS International to go with this year’s theme, A Fierce Flourishing.  I’ve seen some other MOPS A Fierce Flourishing themed calendars that are beautiful (there are some talented ladies out there!), but most of them put the information on the calendars.  I made mine blank so my team can write everything (and anything!) in themselves.

And now, so can you!

The calendar is August – May, which just so happens to be our MOPS year.  But also works out great for the school year!

Download and print as many as you like!  The bright graphics belong to MOPS International.  You’re welcome to use the calendar however you’d like.  I just ask that you do not take the file and/or designs and claim them as your own.  If you’d like to link to the calendar, please link to this page.  Thank you and enjoy!

Click here to download the calendar.

Free printable 2015-2016 MOPS year 10 month calendar | laceandyarn.com

A Fierce Flourishing Brochure (with templates)

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I’ve been busy making stuff for my MOPS group!  We had our summer steering retreat this past weekend, and it was a huge success!  With that over, I’m ready to share some more MOPS things I’ve created!  I’ve already shared my poster design, my postcard design, and my invite card design.  Today, onto the tri-fold brochure (can also be used like a rack card)!  As always, I’m also including templates for you to easily add in your own group’s info.

A Fierce Flourishing brochure by laceandyarn.com


A Fierce Flourishing brochure by laceandyarn.com


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MOPS : A Fierce Flourishing postcard (with templates)

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A few days ago, I posted about the A Fierce Flourishing poster I created to promote my local MOPS group, Sarver MOPS.  Today, I’m sharing my postcard design, and I’m also including a template for you to easily add in your own group’s info.

Here’s my postcard:

MOPS A Fierce Flourishing postcard by laceandyarn.com


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A Fierce Flourishing Poster

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My A Fierce Flourishing posters are printed and finally in my hands, meaning, I’m ready to show them off and share the design!

MOPS A Fierce Flourishing poster by Lace and Yarn

Sarver MOPS A Fierce Flourishing Poster

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Isaiah 55:12 scripture doodling, and a free printable!

I’ve been doing some scripture doodling and with Isaiah 55:12, the MOPS theme verse for the coming year.  I love scripture doodling as a memorization tool!  Here’s one of my doodles:

Isaiah 55:12 -- by laceandyarn.com

Isaiah 55:12 — by laceandyarn.com


I also made a pretty one that would look lovely hanging on a wall…the lovely watercolor flowers by Create the Cut.

Isaiah 55:12 -- by laceandyarn.com

Click to download PDF.



Do you scripture doodle?

Bright Triangle Clip Art (free downloads!)

triangle pattern title

As you’ve seen from my recent posts (A Fierce Flourishing business card template and Fierce Leader Certificates), I’ve been working on some graphics and promotional materials for the 2015-2016 upcoming MOPS year for the new theme, A Fierce Flourishing.  My next task is posters to hang up to publicize our group, and with that, I needed cute graphics to go with the theme.  I love the triangles that MOPS International has put on some of the theme products, so I created my own, using their same colors. Continue reading →

“A Fierce Flourishing” business card template


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a fierce flourishing invite cards by Lace and YarnThe 2015-2016 MOPS theme has been announced and we’re already brainstorming ideas to reach more moms in our community.  With that comes the ever handy business card invite.  Have you made one for your group to go with the new theme, yet?

I spent some time making one for our group and thought I’d share the template for easy editing in a program such as PicMonkey.  I use Photoshop Elements for my designs.  It’s more for photo editing, but I’ve really enjoyed using it for my digital designs, and it’s affordable!

Here’s the business card:

MOPS A Fierce Flourishing invite card by Lace and Yarn

A Fierce Flourishing Invite Card

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Involving Your Small Children in Operation Christmas Child

Involving you small child in Operation Christmas Child -- laceandyarn.com

It’s that time of year again.  The leaves are falling, pumpkin flavoring is in everything, winter squash is part of every meal, and we’re buying Christmas gifts – wait, what? Yes! It’s time to collect and make boxes for Operation Christmas Child!

Never heard of Operation Christmas Child (OCC)? Go here to watch some inspiring and informative videos about OCC.
Operation Christmas Child

As you’ll remember from this post, I am in a MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) group.  MOPS International partners with OCC as a service project and OCC is a wonderful way to teach children about giving, thankfulness, and helping others.  While I was looking into how to present OCC to my MOPS group, I wasn’t happy with my internet searches.  So I compiled a list of the resources to involve small children in OCC.  Included are resources (mostly official OCC resources), packing list suggestions and DIY projects, and scripture ideas to use in teaching. Continue reading →

MOPS Promotional Materials for Be You, Bravely Theme (2014-2015)

I recently joined the steering committee for my local MOPS group, Sarver MOPS.  My title within the committee is officially the Special Events Coordinator but I identify myself as the Creative Activities Leader MOPS International leader definition.  And because we don’t have a publicity person, I (with the creative gene) have been making most of our promotional materials.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m not a graphic designer.  I don’t know how to use fancy software (and it intimidates me — I used Gimp a few times and it generally causes anxiety and frustration).  That being said, I LOVE designing things with PicMonkey*.

If you haven’t read any of my other PicMonkey* posts, I love, love, LOVE, PicMonkey*.  It’s free online photo editing software, and super user friendly.  You can also do some super easy graphic designs (keep reading!).

The MOPS International Website has a great ideas section where leaders share their ideas and resources.  There, I found amazing designs from the MOPS at CCBC group of Puyallup, WA (isn’t their Website awesome!).  It seems everyone is taking their design lead (and borrowing their designs and graphics!).  Well, I have to say, I’m no different.

Small handouts

Take a look at the small 3×4 cards I made (using the MOPS CCBC design as a guide).

Sarver MOPS Be You, Bravely


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