DIY “Where the Wild Things Are” Max Baby Costume

DIY Where the Wild Things Are Max Costume by


Where there is a wild thing, there must be a king of all wild things!  I bought my three year old his costume, but I knew I could easily do a Max for cheap, and I did!  Here’s how: Continue reading →

Pumpkin Bow Headband Knit Pattern

Pumpkin Bow Headband Knit Pattern --

As promised, here’s the pattern I used to create this adorable knit pumpkin bow headband.

The base pattern I used is from Blue Sky Alpacas.  You can find the pattern here (Miss Savannah Bow).  I love Blue Sky Alpaca yarn, and they have some pretty awesome free patterns on their site.  Definitely worth checking out.

The Miss Savannah Bow pattern is a newborn pattern (0-6 months), and that headband no longer fits my baby girls head!  Here’s my baby girl wearing it at 4 months. Continue reading →

Quick Newborn Beanie

cat baby hat

Being able to quickly knit up a newborn baby hat is always useful!  Here are some reasons why you might want to knit a quick newborn beanie:

  • You’re having a baby. Yay!  And congratulations!
  • You know someone having a baby. Yay for you! You can have all the fun and enjoy the cuteness without having to deal with the spit up and the poop-y explosions.
  • You’re bored and need something to knit, and want to make some newborn hats to donate (to a hospital, or local charity).
  • You want to have a baby and need somewhere to put your “I can’t believe another month has just passed and I’m still not pregnant” angst.  (No judgements here.)

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Adding Cat (or just general critter) Ears to a Knit Hat

critter knit hat

Last winter or spring sometime, I knit a quick newborn hat in this beautiful brown alpaca yarn.  Since then, it’s been sitting.  I thought it’d be a great idea to add some quick ears, a bow, and BAM!  A super cute ready-to-wear critter hat to throw on my newborn baby girl when she decides to show up!  I couldn’t decide what type of “critter” my hat looked like until my friend decided it looked like a cat.  So call it what you will, but this hat has ears…

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Fisherman Stitch: How I Taught Myself

How many times have you heard someone say, “You learn something new everyday.”  Well, I’m all for lifelong learning, and YouTube has proved to be a great resource for teaching me knitting!  Over the holiday weekend, I taught “myself” (via YouTube) the fisherman rib stitch.  What a fun stitch!  But man, it’s seeming to take me forever.  Someone please tell me that with practice I can get faster at this!  Here is my progress on a baby hat so far:

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“Come Sail Away” blanket free knitting pattern by Yarnhog

I love free knitting patterns!  This one is especially beautiful.  The “Come Said Away” baby blanket was designed by Yarnhog (and is featured on her blog here).

sailboat baby blanket

I found this beauty when I was searching for things to make for my then still-in-the-belly nephew whose parents were designing a nautical themed nursery.  I didn’t end of making the blanket, but my Mom did, and it turned out lovely!  As it’s just straight pearls and knits, as long as you can follow a pattern (and count), you can do this blanket!  I highly recommend this pattern as a gift for any nautical loving baby!