DIY Birth Announcement: Printed by Ink Garden

ink garden birth announcement lace and yarn

I’ve been sharing how I came up with my daughter’s birth announcement from photos, to designing it on PicMonkey, and now the printing.

Ink Garden is a relatively new printing site to me, and there’s no hiding it, this post is a rave.  I had a wonderful experience using Ink Garden for my DIY Birth Announcement.

I found Ink Garden during a Google search after becoming frustrated with the printing sites I normally use.  I simply did not want to advertise for a company or have a line on the back of my announcements saying “design by xxx”  when the design was not by xxx, but by me (xxx meaning any printing company that always puts their name on products they print, even if they did not design it)!  Ink Garden, to my delight, printed my item free of advertising and did not attempt to take credit for my design. Continue reading →

DIY Birth Announcement Using PicMonkey

diy birth announcement

Over the past few days, I’ve been sharing what it took to come up with the above birth announcement for my sweet little girl starting with the photos and today, the design!  No fancy photo editing software, no problem!  Wow your friends and family by creating your own DIY birth announcement using a FREE program, PicMonkey*. Continue reading →

Birth Announcement

I’ve been sharing a selection from my DIY newborn photo shoot and some tips from the shoot.  Today, I’m sharing my birth announcement design.  Check out my work:

birth announcement by


What do you think?

Stay tuned in the coming days for how I created the announcements, some tips in doing your own, and where I printed them.


DIY Newborn Photo Tips

diy newborn photos

Yesterday I shared a selection from my DIY newborn photo shoot.  Today, I’m sharing how I did it!  Let me start by saying I am in no way a professional photographer.  I don’t have super fancy equipment and I am just starting to learn about photography as a hobby.  With that said, I’m NOT going to speak about what settings to have your camera on, or what camera to have, or what lens to use (here’s an awesome photography blog I’ve been learning from if you’re looking for that:  Click it Up a Notch).  I will be sharing what I did and how I think I captured some pretty good images.  My hope is that you can use some of my tips for some great photographs of your newborn. Continue reading →