A SURPRISE Pink and Yellow Love Birds Bridal Shower

A Surprise Yellow and Pink Love Birds Bridal Shower -- laceandyarn.com


I love a good bridal shower.  So, when one of my oldest friends announced she was getting married and was not going to have a bridal shower (something about being too old and not wanting presents), I knew I needed to step in.  Along with five of our friends, we threw a pretty spectacular, small, surprise shower.

How did we keep it a secret?

Well, I have to say it helped we, the ones planning the shower, were the only ones invited.  We didn’t have to tell anyone closer to her (her fiance or her family) what we were doing. We had an e-mail chain going around with JESSIE DELETED incredibly large in the subject heading.  Honestly, I’m surprised we did it.  I almost replied to the wrong message more than once and we’re a group not particularly known for keeping secrets.

How did we get the bride to come?

We have monthly friend dinners, so we just chose a date when we could all make it and said we were going to have a pot luck at my house instead of going out.  Easy peasy.

Our theme?

Pale pink and yellow love birds. Continue reading →