Vintage Embroidery Wall Hangings, an Obsession

Lately, I have been completely obsessed with buying a decorating my home with vintage embroidery wall hangings. Here are some of the beautiful pieces I’ve recently found and have up around my home. It makes me want to learn! I’ve found some at estate sales, and some at Goodwill.  So pretty!

bird vintage embroidery

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Is Mother’s Day a Real Holiday?

mother's day

Guess what, if your mom thinks Mother’s day is a real holiday, then it is!  Now, stop making excuses, and get – or better yet, make – something for your mother!  Oh, and call her, she misses you.

Need some ideas?  Lace and Yarn is here to help!  Check out the Lace and Yarn shop for some awesome vintage and handmade gifts.  Especially, check out the two super awesome vintage copies I have of  Mother’s Encyclopedia: Expert Advice on Child Care and Family Living from 1965. Continue reading →

Vintage Nautical Baby Outfits

When thinking about baby nautical outfits, I say the only way to go is vintage.  

Last year, I found this beautiful vintage nautical romper for my little guy at a local (Pittsburgh) children’s consignment sale, Sunflower Sprouts.  Consignment sales are a great place to find vintage (and handmade) clothes cheap.  I’ve found the vintage items are often times skipped over by other buyers, which is fine with me!  I think I’ve even found some on the half-price days.  If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I highly suggest checking out Sunflower Sprouts either this weekend or next (see their website here for full schedule).  It’s by far the best and biggest in the area and I always come home with an entire new wardrobe for my son (of really nice stuff!).

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Confessions of a Librarian: I Cut Books

When you’re a librarian, or even just someone trained as a librarian, books are a sacred thing.  They are not to be walked or stepped on (I have a toddler and I say this at least 5 times daily), they are not to be smashed in lockers (I used to be a high school librarian…enough said), pages should not be folded down or “dog eared” (why do people think that’s a good idea?), and absolutely should they never be cut up!  As a librarian, my goal was to keep books together!  I even took a seminar on how to properly repair books and I have to admit, I loved when I had to go in the back room and get out my book repair bin (yes, these were the things that gave me a thrill as a librarian).  Well, I found some   lovely mid-century modern books (Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery) while out vintage shopping.  I was debating what should happen to them and I just decided to go for it.

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Vintage Feature: Blue Heaven Dishes

blue heaven by royal chinaI just happened to run into a Blue Heaven dinnerware set a local estate sale.  Since then, I’ve done some research, took some lovely photos, listed them in my etsy shop and even sold a few sets.  I absolutely adore these dishes.  If I wasn’t already head-over-heels for my Fiestaware, I would totally have kept them!

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