Twinkle Twinkle First Birthday Party

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Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are…

Twinkle twinkle little star pink and gold first birthday party by


My sweet baby girl turned 1!  Well, it’s almost been 6 months already, but it was a great party!  We celebrated Miss Louise in style with a pink and gold twinkle twinkle little star party.  Today I’m sharing photos and dishing on the details. Continue reading →

A SURPRISE Pink and Yellow Love Birds Bridal Shower

A Surprise Yellow and Pink Love Birds Bridal Shower --


I love a good bridal shower.  So, when one of my oldest friends announced she was getting married and was not going to have a bridal shower (something about being too old and not wanting presents), I knew I needed to step in.  Along with five of our friends, we threw a pretty spectacular, small, surprise shower.

How did we keep it a secret?

Well, I have to say it helped we, the ones planning the shower, were the only ones invited.  We didn’t have to tell anyone closer to her (her fiance or her family) what we were doing. We had an e-mail chain going around with JESSIE DELETED incredibly large in the subject heading.  Honestly, I’m surprised we did it.  I almost replied to the wrong message more than once and we’re a group not particularly known for keeping secrets.

How did we get the bride to come?

We have monthly friend dinners, so we just chose a date when we could all make it and said we were going to have a pot luck at my house instead of going out.  Easy peasy.

Our theme?

Pale pink and yellow love birds. Continue reading →

A Primary Color First Birthday Party

Primary Color First Birthday Party --

This is little Josh, isn’t he adorable?  Josh’s mom threw him a primary color birthday blowout when he turned one.  I love first birthday parties because they are just as much of a celebration for the family as they are for the little one (if not more!).

And isn’t the above photo beautiful!  It was taken by the amazingly talented Joanna Fassinger of Joanna Fassinger Photography.  And Josh’s one shirt is from lil threadz clothing shop.  Simple, adorable, and eco-friendly!  Lil thredz is our go-to shop for birthday shirts, I highly recommend! Continue reading →

Heather’s Ready to Pop Baby Shower

ready to pop

The “Ready to Pop” baby shower theme is a popular one.  And for good reason, it’s cute and can be interpreted in so many different ways and styles!  This particular “ready to pop” shower was for my sister-in-law, Heather.  I can’t take credit for a lot of the cute DIY items at the shower, but I can tell you all about the DIY items I did contribute, and all the fun details. Continue reading →

A Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower

A Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower by

I loved the theme of this shower because it fit the bride-to-be so well!  And no, not because she loves to cook, but because she loves retro things (especially in the kitchen).  The shower was at no place special, an Eagles club, but I think it looked awesome!  You can do a lot on not a large budget! Continue reading →

Annie’s Lime and Black and White Damask Bridal Shower

A few years ago, I threw a lime and damask bridal shower for my little sister.  We did most everything DIY.  This is the story of the shower.

My inspiration was lime and black and white damask weddings/parties.  The theme went well with spring and the damask made it seem fancy.

The invites

damask bridal shower invite

I made the invite on Vistaprint for cheap.  If you’re throwing a DIY party and looking for an easy invitation, Vistaprint is a great site.  The online editor is not very user friendly, but it is easy enough to figure out.  You don’t have too much freedom in creativity, but they let you do enough within their parameters to make a unique invite.  The second image above was the back of the invite.  A black and white back was free with the invite, and I love a picture on the back.  It makes it personal without making it cheesy.  The photo was one of their engagement photos. Continue reading →

Little Man First Birthday Party

mustache birthday party

For my son’s first birthday, we threw him a Little Man party.  I chose blue and green as the colors.  The party featured mustaches, bow ties, ties, suspenders, and argile.  Above (and below here) you can see the mustache’s I made on a stick.  My main DIY items included mustaches both on long sticks (bamboo skewers) and short sticks (popsicle sticks – for the kids), party hats (see above), party favor bags (brown paper bags with ties on them above), and party bunting (see below). Continue reading →

Choo Choo! Thomas the Tank Engine Inspired Birthday Party

First things first, I can’t believe my baby boy is two years old! OK, now that’s out of the way, the fun stuff: the party.

thomas the train partyThe Theme

Generally, train-themed; specifically, Thomas. I, however, did not want to go overboard Thomas and go overly store-bought and almost tacky, if you know what I mean. I chose to keep it a sweet innocent “choo choo” train theme using red, royal blue and light blue. See my Pinterest “Thomas party ideas” inspiration board. Continue reading →