DIY “Where the Wild Things Are” Max Baby Costume

DIY Where the Wild Things Are Max Costume by


Where there is a wild thing, there must be a king of all wild things!  I bought my three year old his costume, but I knew I could easily do a Max for cheap, and I did!  Here’s how: Continue reading →

Pumpkin Bow Headband Knit Pattern

Pumpkin Bow Headband Knit Pattern --

As promised, here’s the pattern I used to create this adorable knit pumpkin bow headband.

The base pattern I used is from Blue Sky Alpacas.  You can find the pattern here (Miss Savannah Bow).  I love Blue Sky Alpaca yarn, and they have some pretty awesome free patterns on their site.  Definitely worth checking out.

The Miss Savannah Bow pattern is a newborn pattern (0-6 months), and that headband no longer fits my baby girls head!  Here’s my baby girl wearing it at 4 months. Continue reading →

Quick Newborn Beanie

cat baby hat

Being able to quickly knit up a newborn baby hat is always useful!  Here are some reasons why you might want to knit a quick newborn beanie:

  • You’re having a baby. Yay!  And congratulations!
  • You know someone having a baby. Yay for you! You can have all the fun and enjoy the cuteness without having to deal with the spit up and the poop-y explosions.
  • You’re bored and need something to knit, and want to make some newborn hats to donate (to a hospital, or local charity).
  • You want to have a baby and need somewhere to put your “I can’t believe another month has just passed and I’m still not pregnant” angst.  (No judgements here.)

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Baby Cabled Hat Pattern

newborn cabled hat pattern

I specifically designed this Newborn Baby Cabled Hat Pattern to go with Hipster Toddler Girl Cabled Slouchy Hat Pattern (also for sale in my Etsy store) as a little sister/big sister combo.  The patterns are similar, but I was careful to not make them too matchy-matchy.  But this hat is definitely also a cutie on it’s own!

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Adding Cat (or just general critter) Ears to a Knit Hat

critter knit hat

Last winter or spring sometime, I knit a quick newborn hat in this beautiful brown alpaca yarn.  Since then, it’s been sitting.  I thought it’d be a great idea to add some quick ears, a bow, and BAM!  A super cute ready-to-wear critter hat to throw on my newborn baby girl when she decides to show up!  I couldn’t decide what type of “critter” my hat looked like until my friend decided it looked like a cat.  So call it what you will, but this hat has ears…

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Hipster Toddler Girl Cabled Slouchy Hat Pattern

Hipster Toddler Girl Cabled Slouchy Hat PATTERN

The Hipster Toddler Girl Cabled Slouchy Hat Pattern is finally listed in the Lace and Yarn Etsy shop!  I love making these hats!  It’s such a fun project and rewarding, because it’s so cute to see it on a little girl!  The photo above is of my two-year-old son’s “girlfriend” (his term), miss Frankie B.  Isn’t she adorable in this hat?

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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week IV Day Five: Something a Bit Different

Today’s instructions:  It’s the annual challenge to blog in a way different to how you normally blog.

So I’m going to be busy most of today, and I didn’t find as much time as I’d like to work on this post, so don’t expect much (but expect to smile!).

First, I’m featuring this awesome Floatie Friend Manatee Knit Pattern available for purchase on Etsy by RedwoodDawn.  See all the other cute cuddly animals, too!

manatee knit pattern

Floatie Friend Manatee Knit Pattern by RedwoodDawn

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Knitting and Crochet Blog Week IV Day Two: A Mascot Project

Today’s instructions:  “Your task today is to either think of or research a project that embodies that house/animal.”

As a reminder of yesterday’s post, I am part of The Manatee House.

This assignment is second nature to me.  I am constantly browsing for new projects.  I can’t help it, it’s just my nature.  I started my research extremely literal and found two pretty cute patterns.

The first is a manatee hat:

manatee hat knitting pattern

Manatee hat knitting pattern by eluneth on Etsy

The second is a stuffed manatee toy:

knit manatee pattern

Knit Manatee Pattern by NeedleNoodles on Ravelry

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Ahoy Navy Anchor Baby Booties by Pleasantly Plump Knits on Etsy

These adorable Ahoy Navy Anchor Baby Booties by Pleasantly Plump Knits are available via their Etsy store.  Aren’t they adorable?  Can’t you just picture them on a little one’s tiny feet?

Ahoy Navy Anchor Baby Booties

I wish I could make these booties myself.  Until I master booties, I will be buying these cute little ones for new babies. Continue reading →