Isaiah 55:12 scripture doodling, and a free printable!

I’ve been doing some scripture doodling and with Isaiah 55:12, the MOPS theme verse for the coming year.  I love scripture doodling as a memorization tool!  Here’s one of my doodles:

Isaiah 55:12 -- by
Isaiah 55:12 — by


I also made a pretty one that would look lovely hanging on a wall…the lovely watercolor flowers by Create the Cut.

Isaiah 55:12 -- by
Click to download PDF.



Do you scripture doodle?

4 thoughts on “Isaiah 55:12 scripture doodling, and a free printable!

  1. Can you send me the top picture with the mountain in the doodle. I love it, but I am not able to down load it. Thank you very much. I’m a Pastor in MI and I think it would be great in my office.
    Pr Joe Iverson

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