Introducing Baby Louise: My DIY Newborn Photo Shoot

Introducing baby Louise.

newborn photoshoot

My baby is adorable.  Especially when she sleeps.

baby with lace

Seriously, look how cute this sleeping baby is!

baby photo

Sleeping babies are even cuter when they make funny faces.

diy newborn photoshoot

The peaceful sleeping moments are the ones you’ll want to remember.  At least, they are the one I choose to remember.

baby photo

She was at the stage where she mostly just tried to get her hands in her mouth, not always succeeding.  Also, I’m obsessed with the catchlights in this one.

baby photo

And this one.  And her sweet little hair being all poofy.

newborn photo

Baby toes.  Baby feet.

newborn picture


cute baby

newborn photo

Stretching baby with beautiful catchlights.

baby photo

She has adorable chubby pouty lips while modeling her Lace and Yarn baby hat.

baby photo

Don’t touch me.

newborn photo

Yes, I got a lot of beautiful ones of a nice, calm sleeping baby, but she did scream for a good portion of the photo shoot.  Totally worth it.  And yes, I’m keeping this one, too.  She’s even the most adorable baby when she’s crying.

Over the next few days, I’ll be posting some of my newborn photo tips, my birth announcement design, tips on creating your own, and my review of where I chose to print.  Stay tuned!


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