I’m back! And some maternity leave blessings…

I am back!  Well, I’ve decided to slowly start my comeback.  First, the blog, second the shop.

You are my sunshine

A few things I’ve been blessed with over my maternity leave:

  • A beautiful, healthy, growing baby girl.
  • A wonderfully patient and loving husband who is more than willing to help out with the kids AND around the house AND doesn’t mind waking up with/without me to help with the baby!
  • An amazingly supportive mother who is the best Baba to my kids and my go-to helper and listener.
  • A crazy great support system of friends and family that showered us with meals and gifts after the baby was born and continued to provide support in the transition to two crazy kids.
  • Time to bond with my baby girl.
  • A strong, growing almost pre-schooler (tear) who’s so willing and loving to his baby sister.

I am also grateful to have had time (here and there) when I could run to some estate sales and am so excited to share my finds with you!

First up on the blog, I’ll be introducing my baby girl and showing off her birth announcements.  Stay tuned!

Photo by Todd Williams.

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