Lace and Yarn Closed for my Maternity Leave

Etsy shop maternity leave

No, I have not, yet, had my second baby, but have been on official maternity leave from my shop for the past few weeks.  If you’ve noticed, nothing has been posted on the blog in months!  I was actually shocked myself to see how long it had been!

I have been working hard on knitting some adorable things for the new baby, and trying to get some winter knits done for my older toddler son (because, come on, no way I’m going to be knitting while holding a newborn!).  I do hope to share some of those and some of the awesome patterns I’ve been working on before baby comes.

I also hope to finish the nursery (yes, I said finish, I realize this is a little late in the game!) and get some photos posted, because I’m really excited about it!  Also, to finish my son’s big boy room and get some photos posted (hint: if you loved his Thomas birthday party, you’ll love his big boy room!).

The original plan was to have some knit patterns I’ve made and some graphic designs I’ve made for my children’s rooms in the Etsy store for digital download once baby comes, so we’ll see if I ever get to that.

However, at this point, I hope to have my hospital bag packed before I go into labor. Hopefully that’s not all I get done!

While you’re busy anticipating the reveals of my awesome nursery and big boy room projects, I’m at home trying to keep up some assemblance of my normal household and preparing for Christmas (including an activity focused advent calendar with my son — look for blog post before next December!).

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