Fisherman Stitch: How I Taught Myself

How many times have you heard someone say, “You learn something new everyday.”  Well, I’m all for lifelong learning, and YouTube has proved to be a great resource for teaching me knitting!  Over the holiday weekend, I taught “myself” (via YouTube) the fisherman rib stitch.  What a fun stitch!  But man, it’s seeming to take me forever.  Someone please tell me that with practice I can get faster at this!  Here is my progress on a baby hat so far:

fisherman rib stitch

I found this adorable knit hat and dress pattern combo for free on the Pickles Site:

Free pattern from Pickles!

After how long the hat is taking me, I’m not sure if I’ll attempt the dress… And the free pattern is for size 0-6 months, although my hat is looking more like 6-12 months, or bigger.  So I’m not sure if my dress will end up being the right size, sigh.  Practice makes perfect, right?

So, I’m a visual learner, and the pattern does actually have some pretty good wording for the fisherman stitch, but I needed to see someone do it.  Here are the two videos I used:



I’m finding I’m much better (and quicker) at the second row (purl one below) than the first (knit one below).

The whole time I’m making this hat I’ve been thinking of the cute things I can make with this stitch!  I’m thinking how cute pumpkin hats would look, a toddler boys scarf, oh the doors of opportunity that have been opened!

What’s your favorite fisherman rib stitch project?

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