My family is expanding!

beach maternity photoWhether or not you’ve noticed, blog posts (and for that matter, new listings in the Lace and Yarn Etsy shop) have been quite lacking in the past few months, and I’m finally ready to share with you the reason — my family is expanding!  I’m actually currently expanding, straight out at the belly button!  In other words, I’m having another baby!  The little bundle of joy is expected to arrive sometime after Christmas, I’m guessing January.  If this one is anything like my first, could be closer to the end of January — but I’m hoping for a baby who cares to be on time, at least so I won’t have to be 9 and a half months pregnant (for a second time).

The photo is of my 13 week belly.  I’m currently quite a few weeks beyond that with a much larger belly to prove it.

I was hoping to have a much larger fall selection of baby and toddler knit hats listed by this time.  Unfortunately, my first trimester didn’t go so well with knitting.  I’ve been finding some more time to knit lately, but it’s been shared with nesting, nesting, and more nesting.

In the coming months, look forward to a post on a big boy room, a nursery update, some fun DIYs, at least one party (we attended some great children’s parties this summer, a beautiful bridal shower, and I’m excited for two upcoming weddings next month), and some vintage features.

In the Lace and Yarn Etsy shop, look for more hats as I continue to knit, knit, and knit.  But possibly less as the months go on as I knit for my little one!  Hopefully lots of vintage listings of all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the past months — including a new wedding dress, a beautiful set of dishes, and much more!

As always, thanks for your support of Lace and Yarn and thanks for reading!

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