A Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower

A Retro Kitchen Bridal Shower by laceandyarn.com

I loved the theme of this shower because it fit the bride-to-be so well!  And no, not because she loves to cook, but because she loves retro things (especially in the kitchen).  The shower was at no place special, an Eagles club, but I think it looked awesome!  You can do a lot on not a large budget!

The invitations are from the lovely Etsy seller Green Apple Paperie.  Although she no longer has them listed, if you really like them it might not hurt to ask!

retro kitchen invite

These were just perfect for our theme.  I couldn’t pass them up!  We also got these lovely recipe cards from Green Apple Paperie that were sent out with each invitation and everyone brought a favorite recipe for the bride-to-be.

retro kitchen recipe card

Our colors were powder blue and red.  The placemats helped with the pop of color on the tables.  The tables were finished off nicely with retro style coke bottles with a single rose.  Affordable and cute!

Favors were wooden spoons or forks (Ikea) and a decorated retro coca-cola cap magnet that we made.

retro kitchen favor

The cupcake bar was a hit.  We had a few different types of sprinkles, candy coated chocolates, snow-top chocolates, candy cherries, and maraschino cherries (to top them off, of course!).  We, unfortunately, did not have a lot of luck coloring the icing as we’d have liked.  As you can see our red and blue icing looks more like green and pink.  If you’re going to do this, either use white icing (for the ease) or Wilton coloring for the icing instead of food dye!

shower cupcake station

The beautiful bride-to-be!

paulieanne t

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