Happy National Library Week!

there are mean people everywhere, but fewer in the library.I love libraries.  Yes, I guess you could say I’m a little biased as I used to be a librarian, but come on, how can you be sad in a library?  Who doesn’t love the smell of books?  Old books, new books, do they make a candle with book smell?  I would totally buy that.  Celebrate National Library Week this week (April 14-20).  If you haven’t been to your local library recently, stop in and check it out.  See what’s new that they offer.

What’s your excuse for not going to your library?

You don’t read much? Check out their movie selection.

You don’t have time to read? I bet you have time to listen to an audio book — and I’m sure you can get some from the library, for free!  Great to listen to on the commute to work.

You don’t read “real” paper books anymore? My library offers ebooks for free (to read on your e-reader, smart phone, tablet, or computer).  I bet yours does, too.  Go ask a librarian.  Really, librarians love when you ask questions!

You’re afraid of librarians because your school librarian was mean?  Get over it.  So was mine.  “Don’t steal the library books!”  (But imagine this in a weird yell-y/ whiney voice). Librarians aren’t what they used to be.  Libraries aren’t what they used to be.

My favorite library:  Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Find your local library

Happy National Library Week!  How will you be celebrating?

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