Sailboat Softie by Sew and the City

Sailboat softie toy
{Ship Ahoi by Sew and the City}

As DIY nautical baby gifts go, this is one of the easiest if you’ve got some scrap fabric, a sewing machine, and an hour!  Sew and the City did a wonderful tutorial you can view here.  And didn’t she take a cute picture?  How creative!

I tried making one of these a few months ago, and it did not turn out as cute (can’t find a photo of the one I did).  Learn from my mistakes!  This is another one of those project I tried without figuring out my sewing machine.  Which was a mistake.  It took me forever, and my lines weren’t as straight as they should’ve been, so the points weren’t as nice.  Also, learn from her color choices.  It doesn’t matter what the print is, but definitely do like she did and put a “mostly” solid of a darker color on the bottom of the boat, and other lighter or more colorful prints up top.  I also forgot the ribbon pieces.  I had them out and ready, but I just forgot to put them in while sewing it up.  Those help make it actually look like a sailboat.  And don’t over stuff it (as I did).

OK, now that you’ve read all mistakes, go and make beautiful sailboat softies!

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