“Come Sail Away” blanket free knitting pattern by Yarnhog

I love free knitting patterns!  This one is especially beautiful.  The “Come Said Away” baby blanket was designed by Yarnhog (and is featured on her blog here).

sailboat baby blanket

I found this beauty when I was searching for things to make for my then still-in-the-belly nephew whose parents were designing a nautical themed nursery.  I didn’t end of making the blanket, but my Mom did, and it turned out lovely!  As it’s just straight pearls and knits, as long as you can follow a pattern (and count), you can do this blanket!  I highly recommend this pattern as a gift for any nautical loving baby!

6 thoughts on ““Come Sail Away” blanket free knitting pattern by Yarnhog

    1. Thanks! The photo is from Yarnhog’s blog. She mentioned in her post that it was hard to get a good photo, and she wasn’t kidding! I have one of my sister-in-law holding it, and it just looks like a plain navy blanket. I like knits and pearls together with patterns because they’re subtle, but not great for photos!

  1. I am making it four ships instead I three as the three seemed too small
    This is to make it a little longer for a crib

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