Little Man First Birthday Party

mustache birthday party

For my son’s first birthday, we threw him a Little Man party.  I chose blue and green as the colors.  The party featured mustaches, bow ties, ties, suspenders, and argile.  Above (and below here) you can see the mustache’s I made on a stick.  My main DIY items included mustaches both on long sticks (bamboo skewers) and short sticks (popsicle sticks – for the kids), party hats (see above), party favor bags (brown paper bags with ties on them above), and party bunting (see below).mustache birthday party

The Cake

My sister made this lovely cake (below).  The quote being the smash cake.  Check out her baking blog, The Rookie’s Cookies.first birthday cake

The food

The food was one of my favorite parts of this party: a grilled cheese station.  We had several choices of breads and cheeses with many different add-on items.  Guests then “grilled” their sandwiches on our electric griddle.   We came up with a few good sandwiches and named them after manly mustache men.

Our sandwiches:

The Chester (my dad) — white bread, cheddar, bacon, tomato, avacado

The Tom Selleck — sourdough bread, brie, swiss, apple

The Fu Manchu — wheat bread, american, sriacha sauce, pickles

The Hulk Hogan — rye bread, cheddar, bacon, apple

The Luigi — sourdough bread, mozzarella, tomato, arugula

The Rom Burgandy — rye bread, swiss, ham, mustard

grilled cheese sandwich ideas

And yes, the guests wore their mustaches!mustache

The birthday boy yumming up him first cake.

smash cake

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