DIY Bunny Prints — Proof the Easter Bunny Was Here

diy easter bunny printsThe Easter bunny came to visit my house when I was a kid.  You know how I know?  I can remember waking up to see the bunny’s prints throughout the house.  As you’ll see below, the Easter bunny that came to our house tonight came in our house (period).  When I was a kid, the Easter bunny not only came in the house, but came up the stairs to check on us (and I think went back down!).

This is my tutorial (which is honestly just as much for myself next year).  I did, also take a look at this wonderful “how to” from I love you more than carrots.  You’ll notice, my prints don’t look like hers (although, I don’t think mine necessarily look like a real rabbit’s prints).  My prints are more of what I remember from my childhood.


diy easter bunny prints

  • thin cardboard (or card stock, or even paper)
  • pencil
  • box cutter (or knife, exacto knife, or something that cuts)
  • baby powder


  1. Use your pencil and draw prints on your cardboard.   Be creative and make them your own!  You’ll notice mine sort of look like those of a cartoon character.
  2. Use box cutter to cut out print.  I chose to only do one print.  I liked only having one print because it was hard enough for me to keep the cardboard still enough while doing one.
  3. Place print cut-out in desired place and sprinkle on baby powder.

DIY Easter Bunny Prints


  • Keep the cardboard as still as possible.  I held the cardboard still with one hand and sprinkled with the other hand.  
  • Once sprinkled on carpet, rub into the carpet to make a nice print.
  • Focus on the edge of your print to get the cleanest lines (the insides can have less powder).
  • Lift the cardboard straight up!

The Bunny’s Path:

diy easter bunny prints

diy easter bunny prints

diy easter bunny prints

My son is two years old.  And while I think he is extremely advanced for his age (you know, like every other parent out there), we’re wondering if he will notice the Easter bunny came in the house, but didn’t leave.  My husband decided that if he asks, we’re going to tell him the Easter bunny is magic and went up the chimney.  I can just hear my son tomorrow morning, “He’s still here!  The Easter bunny is still in my house!”

I had honestly planned to make the footprints go back out.  I had even thought about making them go up the steps.  If you have elaborate plans, I highly suggest buying more baby powder than the tiny travel sized one I bought, as I almost used the whole thing!  (As a kid, I always wondered why we had so much baby powder in the house all the time…)

The Basket:

easter basket

As you can see, his basket includes something from all of his favorite things:

  • Knuffle Bunny plush
  • Little Blue Truck Leads the Way (he reads the first Little Blue Truck to us now word for word)
  • Buzz Lightyear t-shirt
  • Maracas
  • chocolate
  • Thomas the train bucket (hidden)

Happy Easter!!

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